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INSPIRED (Innovations) - Bulletion of People in Need

People in Need

Innovations. Everybody is talking about them. In science, industry, services, government as well as in our own sector of relief and development. It must seem that the idea of innovation is an ...

Behaviour Change Toolkit 2017

This concise and practical toolkit is designed to give development practitioners the know-how they need to understand people's behaviours and to help them in designing and implementing effective ...

Indebtedness and its Link to Vulnerability during Dzud Episode amongst Vulnerable Households

Mongolian herding families are fully dependent on just two sources of income, both highly seasonal: from sale of cashmere (spring) and meat and animal products (summer and autumn). For the rest of ...

Public Needs Assesment Report

Mongolia has one of the harshest climates in the world, characterized by a very brief warm season lasting about 2 months, and a long winter with temperatures reaching down to below -50°C. At the ...

RDD STRATEGY 2017–2021

People in Need Relief & Development Department Strategy for 2017 – 2021 and the Sector Strategies for 2017 – 2021. 

15 years of People in Need in Afghanistan

PIN first humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan fi fteen years ago laid foundation to our longest-running development programme globally. During these 15 years, the range of assistance delivered has ...

2016-2020 Global Nutrition security strategy

PIN’s 2016-2020 Nutrition Security Strategy outlines the directions that PIN’s programming takes to effectively prevent and treat child undernutrition and to enable children to fulfil ...

City at risk? Phnom Penh Hazard Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment

PIN Cambodia

The report is based on the contributions from commune officials, local communities and field visits. It indicates areas at most risk in Phnom Penh as well as provides series of recommendations, which ...

Her Safety: Assessment of womens and girls protection needs in Nepal

PIN Nepal

The purpose of this report is to share and disseminate information gathered during the planning, baseline assessment, and implementation of PIN’s Her Safety protection programme in Nepal. ...

The Chicken Value Chain Report of CLIMAD

PIN Cambodia

People in Need (PIN) recognizes that while using high-quality data is essential for the programming of development agencies, their senior staff’s workload don’t allow them to read through ...
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