Junior EU Aid Volunteer - Small and Medium Business Development in Moldova

The project reflects problems in the region with migration of labour force, lack of job opportunities, insufficient linkage between education and labour market demands and lack of business infrastructure. The project is supporting start-ups and business incubators in the region as new potential SMEs or hubs of ideas. It will create conditions for closer cooperation among SMEs in the Northern region of Republic of Moldova to achieve better access to local or international markets, to strengthen their position towards governmental institutions and potential customers. SMEs will further have possibilities to create partnership with national and international partners. The project will increase capacities of Regional Development Agency (RDA) North and help them to improve services for local SMEs. Therefore, through the improved services of RDAs, the local SMEs will have a wider understanding of the legislation, finance and grants opportunities. The Business Information Center was created within the project in order to support local SMEs. During the project implementation, the regional SMEs will have opportunities to meet international experts, providing coaching and mentorship in order to accelerate their business or develop new business ideas. The involvement of local authorities will ensure better access to important business information from the rural areas and help disseminate the project activities impact within the majority of SMEs in the region.

Operational details & security context

Every visitor have to exercise normal precautions in Moldova. Some areas have increased risk (Transnistria), but per general Republic of Moldova is a safe country. Volunteer will have the opportunity to travel to the North of Moldova due to the fact that it is the area of activities implementation. There will be organised meetings with public authority representatives from national and local level.


  • Assist the project coordinator and project manager in implementation of the project “New impulse for business development in the North region of Moldova 2017-2019”.
  • Support the Local Public Authorities to develop an action plan for local development.
  • Participate in the development of training programs for SMEs.
  • Conduct some sectorial trainings for SMEs (promotion, innovative tools etc)


Tailor-made apprenticeship will be hold in Prague in April 2019.

Required Competencies:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Full computer literacy
  • Experience in working within a team
  • Business knowledge
  • Knowledge of the local context
  • Capability to deliver products

Eligibility and exception criteria

The candidate for EU Aid Volunteers must be a citizen of the EU or a third country national who is a long-term resident in an EU Member State and must have a minimum age of 18 years.

Minimum Requirements

Working level of English (both written and verbal),
Knowledge of business strategies development (business associations),
Agricultural knowledge is an advantage

Knowledge of promotion and access to the international markets

Learning Opportunities

A structured learning and development plan will be developed for each EU Aid Volunteer. This will include: self-assessment, structured learning and development plan reviews, on-line learning, peer-to-peer support, a two-week EU-run training, followed by PIN induction/apprenticeship. EU Aid Volunteers will also have an assigned Mentor for the entirety of their volunteer placement with PIN.

This is combined with line management in country from an experienced humanitarian professional.

It is desirable for Volunteer to also help with other mission projects in case of the need. More specifically with some livelihood and agricultural activities. So, it would be great for a Volunteer to have some skills of understanding of these areas as well.


Working and Living Conditions

EU Aid Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer Allowance:
In line with EU Aid Volunteer subsistence allowances:
Whilst in Republic of Moldova €303,76 per month
Whilst in the Czech Republic €401,64 per month

Accommodation when deployed in Moldova will be provided by PIN.
At the end of volunteer placement an allowance of €100/per each month deployed will be provided as a resettlement allowance.

A return flight will be provided to Moldova from the EU Aid Volunteers home country or from the Czech Republic upon apprenticeship completion.
The cost of pre-departure preparations; insurance, medical clearance and vaccinations will be provided.

Line Management and Mentoring
Line Manager whilst deployed – Victoria Guzun, Business North Project Manager
Mentor – Mentor based in Prague assigned for the entirety of the volunteer placement with PIN.

Selection Process

Shortlisting and Interviews

Shortlisting and interviews will be conducted between January 5, 2019 and February 8, 2019.

Interview Process

Pre-selected candidates will be contacted and requested to record a video-questionnaire. If successful, two rounds of interviews will be carried out (by Sending and Hosting organisations).

Expected date decision on outcome15/02/2019

How to apply:

Please send us your CV in EuroPass format and Self assessment form till 15th January, 2019 by clicking on following link. The EuroPass CV template, as well as the Self-assessment form, can be found here.

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