Empowering Communities in Europe

Empowering Communities in Europe

4. 9. 2018

Within the project, the Migration Awareness Program joined forces with 8 other organisations from 7 EU countries which support migrant integration, community development and promote evidence–based policy making in the area of migration in order to tackle the dangers of growing xenophobia, fear and disintegration of communities in Europe. The project´s activities aimed to to foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding between locals and newcomers in different local communities in the participant countries. 

The project involved a research of attitudes towards migrants and refugees in selected communities for a a deeper understanding of fears and anxieties towards these groups.

Read our report „United in anxiety“ here

Later we identified and trained young community leaders in the Active citizens methodology, which helped them to understand and work with different individual and group identities, to foster dialogue and involve communities on the local level.

The outcome of the project was a series of public actions and interventions in the public space, which were carried out by the participants of the training.

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Author: Adéla Jurečková