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Do you want to get involved in the activies of People in Need organization? You can find the list of activities below.

Become a volunteer

Are you looking for an interesting experience? Or do you just want to help? We offer several volunteer positions not only at our Prague Headquarters, but also across our missions in more than 20 countries.

  • Humanitarian and Relief Department is looking every year for several volunteers, who help in Africa, Europe and Asia. For current vacations, check our careers site.
  • Media department is continuously looking for volunteers at Prague’s Headquarters. The volunteers are involved in creating the media image of our organization and they can earn valuable experience. For more information contact Tomas Urban at
  • One World Festival is also looking for volunteers. The festival takes place in March, so the call for volunteers is usually published in February. You can be involved in operations at the festival cinemas, in PR service, in preparing and organising the accompanying programme, in providing assistance to guests from abroad  and other tasks. Besides the experience, you would get a t-shirt and free admission to some of the screenings.

Educate yourself

  • Humanitarian Aid and Development Department offers a wide range of educative materials in their field.
  • Migration Awereness Programme publishes analyses, educational materials and articles about the phenomenon of migration.
  • If you want to gain knowledge about human rights situation in some countries, read publications of our Human Rights Department.

Go to the EVENTS

Every March the One World Movie Festival is held in Prague and other Czech cities. (Unless coronivarus pandemic starts, the festival is interrupted and moved to September, as it happened in 2020) It is the biggest human rights film festival in the world. It includes wide range of topics from various countries. Most films are screened with Czech and English Subtitles. 

Smaller version of the festival is also held in Brussels every May. The screenings take place at EU institutions. If you are interested, read more info here.

Besides, we sometimes organize other irregular events, follow our Facebook page for more information.

Work for us

You can find work position across all our sections in Czec Republic or in other countries we are based in. Just check out our career site!

Current vacancies


Share the party

Better school for everyone

Run for Africa

Apply for emerging leaders fellowship

Do you want to be a more successful leader? And do you live in east European countries? Apply for emerging leaders fellowship in Prague! Each year features up to four community leaders from the post-Soviet region who spend ten weeks in Prague to refine their soft-skills and learn about ethical leadership. The program combines theory with hands-on workshops, innovative learning and field-visits. Follow our FB and website for news.

Since this year, the fellowship is not limited to leaders from post-Soviet region, people from Vietnam can apply as well! Read more.

Check out our social networks

At our social accounts you can follow fresh news, get involved in discussions or ask us something. Besides our main Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts you can follow social media accounts made for your country in your language (list of foreign accounts). Check our influencers as well - the infamous Petr Stefan or Melikte Tadesse from Ethiopia.

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Author: Člověk v tísni