Home Grown, Local Solutions

Home Grown, Local Solutions

27. 6. 2016

Director of Small Industries Aloka Bandara and his wife have always been keen on promoting local technologies. Hence, building their new house in the heart of Kurunegala became an ideal opportunity for them to invest in green and local technology that they truly believed in.

Having attended an exhibition organised by the EU-funded SWITCH Asia initiative on “Up-scaling Biogas Technology for Sustainable Development and Mitigating. Climate Change in Sri Lanka” in collaboration with Janathakshan, the couple was introduced to biogas technology.

This led the duo into constructing a Chinese type 9m3 biogas unit in their household in September 2015. The unit is connected to three toilets and is also fed with kitchen waste. Since then, the lady of the house claims to have received continuous gas every day and is extremely pleased with the process.

The slurry is to be used in the rooftop home garden they plan to build once the house has completed construction.

The Director and his wife are not only keen on living a greener, healthier and environmentally sustainable lifestyle but are also very pleased to have in their household their own product that is also locally manufactured.


Author: PIN