IPIN - Integrated Programming for Improved Nutrition

IPIN - Integrated Programming for Improved Nutrition

May 23, 2017

Every year, over 3 million children die in the first 1,000 days of their lives from causes directly related to undernutrition. Even more children suffer life-long damage to their physical and cognitive development, resulting in higher vulnerability to diseases, limited school performance and lower earnings in adulthood. Even if their diet and health improves later in life, the damage done during this period is largely irreversible. All unnecessarily, due to causes which are totally preventable. Poor sanitation, limited food diversity, inadequate health services or low political commitment all contribute to this major cause of child death and poverty in the world.

By consolidating its existing experience, the best practices of other agencies and latest research findings, PIN has therefore developed its own approach to addressing this global challenge - Integrated Programming for Improved Nutrition (IPIN). IPIN is based on the acknowledgement that well-designed, multi-sectoral programmes employing evidence-based solutions are essential for reducing undernutrition during the first 1,000 days of children’s lives. Using a range of proven nutrition-sensitive and nutrition-specific interventions, IPIN provides a practical roadmap enabling PIN and its partners’ staff to implement result-delivering solutions for reducing undernutrition.

This website is intended to provide updates on PIN’s multi-sectoral work on improving nutrition as well as recent publications. PIN welcomes cooperation with like-minded implementing agencies, universities and donors – in the case of your interest, contact us at ipin@peopleinneed.cz.

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