We are not alone – 13 years with Alliance 2015

We are not alone – 13 years with Alliance 2015

22. 4. 2014

In 2000, eight non-governmental organizations across the world, including People in Need, joined forces to form Alliance2015 and have worked together towards a common goal: the eradication of poverty. The other organizations include ACTED, Cesvi, Concern Worldwide, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, Hivos, IBIS, and Welthungerhilfe. We hope that by 2015 we will be able to substantially contribute to the Millennium Development Goals.

We are aiming to accomplish this by reducing the amount of people living in destitution by 50%. Additionally, we are striving to promote gender equality, combat HIV/AIDS, implement green living strategies in polluted countries and develop a global partnership for development. In coalition with our partner organizations, we created goals specific to Alliance2015s objectives. Alliance2015 will work together to coordinate on emergency response operations, create joint advocacy campaigns, share resources, increase efficiency, develop higher program standards and establish joint projects and programs that require the collaboration of all of Alliance 2015s partners.

So far, Alliance2015 has been very successful. In 2012 alone, we raised 604.5 million Euros thanks to the European Union, national governments and other institutions. We then distributed these funds to projects located throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and other areas. Alliance2015 members are currently working in eighty-six countries with the assistance of 1,750 localized partner organizations. In total, we currently have 1,500 staff (half of whom are in the field) and 9,000 locals helping us in their respective areas. With this strong team, we currently have 54 projects running across the globe. Our campaign that has been running for the longest period of time, since 2003, is the Stop Child Labor Campaign and it has been tremendously successful. However, in 2013 the EU funding for this campaign ended, so Hivos is continuing it independently.

Thanks to funding from the EU, we have been able to launch Food Right Now!, which is a campaign that targets a younger audience and focuses on hunger and nutrition awareness. Our strongest projects have revolved around emergency aid. Alliance2015 members are able to share information, work with one another in the field and financially, and contribute expertise and material goods. Being part of Alliance2015 has allowed People in Need to respond to emergency situations in the most efficient and effective ways possible. For example, in 2012, People in Need launched a cross border operation from Turkey and took a major risk by setting up a base to provide humanitarian assistance inside Syria’s borders. This operation would not have been possible if it were not for one of our Alliance2015 partners, Welthungerhilfe, who supported us with a €50,000 EU grant.

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