Education and Awareness

Education and Awareness

People in Need aims at raising awareness in Czech society on issues such as poverty, development cooperation, migration, and human rights violations. We strive to reduce racial and national prejudices and xenophobia in the Czech Republic. The means we employ to achieve these aims are our educational and awareness programmes.

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One World in Schools

Our educational programme One World in Schools provides schools with documentaries and accompanying methodological materials for teaching current topics of the contemporary world and from its recent history.

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People in Need's educational programme, Varianty, has been providing an information service and methodological assistance in the field of inklusive, intercultural and global development education for more than fifteen years already.

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Migration Awareness

We contribute to better coexistence of migrants and majority society through provision of objective information from various sources about migration and migrants in the Czech Republic. We work both with journalists on improving the quality of news about migration, and also with migrants to help them to make themselves heard (not just) in the media.

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Rozvojovka is the educational information section of People in Need, which was established in 2003. It attempts to raise the interest of society in the plight of developing countries, the issue of international development and the problems of today's globalised world.

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