Shelter repairing close to Eastern Ukraine frontline

Shelter repairing close to Eastern Ukraine frontline

How do you imagine the lives of those, trapped on eastern Ukraine’s frontline? Here in Vodyane, the villagers are exposed to heavy shelling every single night. 

 The notorious Donetsk Airport is located just two kilometers from here.

It wouldn’t be exactly true to say that they have gotten used to it, but they have definitely learned how to live through it.

Galina Pavlovna, 59 years old, loves to bake sweets. Today she cooks her signature dish - buns with caramel and marmalade.

“I never stick to a recipe, all proportions are in my head,” Galina shares, while her husband Stepan Afanasievich tastes another delicious bun and talks about their younger years. 

There is something extremely comforting about sitting in this loving couple’s warm and cozy kitchen knowing that they do not have to worry about the upcoming winter.

PIN, together with European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) were able to repair their roof last month.

Back in February of 2015, the outbuildings suffered a direct hit that resulted in a blast wave damaging the house.

It was a terrible night, one of many within the past three years.

Galina and Stepan got tired of waiting. Now, their only wish is to come back to a peaceful life.

Author: Maria Lozan, People in Need Ukraine Communication Officer