Our Offer for Media

Our Offer for Media

Why are we so interested in the media image of migrants? According to research, only 40% of the Czech population has personal contact with someone with a migrant past. Everyone else forms their own image of foreigners living in the Czech Republic from what they see in the media. The Migration Programme works in close cooperation with journalists and the media. The aim is to use news providers to raise awareness in the Czech public about migration and foreign nationals living in the Czech Republic.

We offer:

  • information concerning migration in the Czech Republic and in other European countries,
  • collaboration in script writing, assistance with topic selection,
  • person to person meetings and consultation concerning topics that interest you,
  • tips on current topics in our regular migration newsletter – if you would like to receive it, please write to us at migrace@clovekvtisni.cz,
  • arranging contacts with migrants, experts or representatives of NGOs for your articles,
  • occasional exchange trips abroad for journalists,
  • we publish the results of our own analytical and research work.

We are members of:

  • Konsortium – a consortium of non-government organisations working with migrants in the Czech Republic – we actively participate in Konsortium’s media and advocacy groups,
  • PICUM (Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants),
  • Expert groups working on creation of the Prague Plan for Integration of Foreign Nationals,
  • We are a member of a team of 15 European organisations working together until 2021 on the National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM) research project. The aim of the project which will run in two phases until 2021 is to create an instrument for evaluation of state integration policies aimed at applicants for and holders of international protection in selected EU member states, also to monitor their practical application. For more information on interim results of the project, follow the new website www.forintegration.eu.
  • The strategic partner of the project is the MPG (Migration Policy Group), the organisation that creates to well-known and respected MIPEX index. The leader of the project is the Warsaw-based organisation, the IPA (Institute of Public Affairs). Persons enjoying international protection will also be involved in the project.
  • The V4NIEM (Visegrad Countries National Integration Evaluation Mechanism), which is component to the wider pan-European NIEM, focuses on long-term evaluation of the efficacy of Visegrad countries’ national integration policies with an aim to contribute to overall streamlining and improvement of integration of refugees and other holders of international protection in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia in order to avoid disharmony and disagreement between new settlers and original inhabitants and to reduce the risk of potential aggression between them.

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