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Inspired - Market Systems Development

People in Need

In the 4th  issue of INPIRED magazine we take you through examples of MSD approaches used in PIN’s projects across the globe. We describe how MSD approaches can increase ...

Study: Experiences of Gender-Based Violence in Urban Poor Rental Housing Communities of Phnom Penh

People in need

Published: February 2019 Efforts in recent years to close the so-called ‘gender rights gap’ in Cambodia have seen various forms of progress, such as women’s improved economic ...

Inspired - Accountability

People in Need

In the third issue of Inspired, we introduce examples of how PIN approaches accountability in its work and how we learn from the process. Explore our safeguarding standards and commitment to the Do ...

We bring new visions and practices that highlight the value of people and communities


Advancing understanding of Dzud Risk: a Livestock Mortality Model and Multi-Indicator Dzud Vulnerability Index (MDVI)

People in Need

Mongolia is regularly affected by a disaster in which socio-natural factors combine to create peaks of livestock mortality called dzud. The increasing incidence of dzud and its effect on Mongolian ...

PIN STRATEGY 2018-2021: Social Inclusion and Protection

People in Need

People in Need´s global strategy of its priority sector of Social Inclusion and Protection for years 2018-2021.

The Impact of mHealth in Angola

People in Need

People in Need started piloting a maternal health (m-Health) project in 2015. The project is combination of sending voice messages with information on neonatal care to mobile phones of registered ...

The Self-Help group approach in Afghanistan

This report offers an overview of how the Self-Help Group (SHG) approach has been used in the Afghan urban context, with a focus on its three main components — social development, economic ...

25 years of People in Need

People in Need has provided aid in crisis-affected areas and defended human rights since 1992. In 25 years, we have become the biggest non-profit organizations in Central Europe. Every year, we ...

Value for money - Step by step guide

What is the cost of reaching each output and outcome of our project and are these costs justifiable?