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Productive & Climate-resilient Landscapes (PCRL)

An overview of PIN's best practices which address the changing landscapes of communities living in urban, rural and natural environments. This guide also outlines the role that resilient and...

Climate Smart Energy Solutions

Supporting climate-resilient development by improving sustainable access to clean energy products and services

Why should the Czech Republic invest in development countries?

Millennium development goals have shown that it is possible to combat poverty, improve people´s living conditions and give people a chance to live a life in dignity. Since 1990: The number...

Fakta o humanitární pomoci

Humanitární pomoc rychle reaguje na vypuknutí krize, ať už jde o přírodní katastrofu (povodně, sucho nebo zemětřesení), či válečný konflikt, který zasáhne civilní obyvatele. Jejím smyslem je...

Factsheet: Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian aid is required immediately at the outbreak of any crisis, be it a natural disaster (floods, drought or earthquake) or a military conflict, which affects civilians. The goal of...

INSPIRED November 2019

In this issue of INSPIRED magazine we will discuss climate funding and its opportunities. We would like to provide you with a brief introduction to, and history of, climate finance, along with an...

Společné prohlášení - Ukrajina: Čtyři hlavy států, čtyři humanitární problémy

Humanitarian Aid and Development

We strive for a world in which people are not restricted by an unfree society, poverty, lack of opportunities or discrimination.

Positive Deviance for Nutrition: A grassroots approach to reduce and prevent malnutrition

Demonstrating impact, cost effectiveness, community acceptance and best practices in preventing malnutrition, rehabilitating underweight children and promoting, sustainable nutrition practices...

Barriers and motivators to using reusable shopping bags as an alternative to light plastic bags in the Syunik province of Armenia

From July 2019 to March 2020, the non-governmental organization People in Need (PIN) is implementing the project “Reduce, Reuse! Become a Friend of Nature” funded by the British Embassy...