Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Dear Friends,

Please give us a moment of your time.

We always try to provide information in a way that clearly and precisely presents an honest picture of what we do. The world around us is rapidly changing, and we can no longer rely on guaranteed security and uninterrupted material growth. We live in a time when our concerns often lead to cynicism and pragmatism, weakening our ability to think of others and not only ofourselves – in a time when populism, founded on instilling and taking advantage of fear, is once again on the rise. Specifically for this reason we are convinced that it is worthwhile to fall back on the principles of mutual assistance, solidarity, human rights, and humanism.

We work intensively at the local level, focusing particularly on socially excluded areas and groups of people whom society has marginalised. We think it is essential not only to work directly with our clients but also to exert intense efforts to transform our knowledge into changes in national and local government policies. Education is taking on an increasingly important role in our work, particularly with aim at creating an open, tolerant, self-confident, but at the same time critical, approach to the world and the media. Our educational and informational programmes are constantly trying to respond to these new challenges.

Human rights and freedoms – which brave people strive to support in many countries around the world despite the dominance of authoritarian governments – not only deserve our attention but I also firmly believe that, based on our recent experience with life in an unfree state, it is our obligation to support them. We are where we are most needed and where we can meaningfully help. In the past, our humanitarian missions have helped hundreds of thousands of people living in the extremely difficult conditions of wartime conflict, as well as in countries that are recovering from disasters. We have continued our long-term development in a number of countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa, where we work with the local populations to increase their knowledge, abilities, and self-confidence, thus giving them a new chance in life.

At the same time, we are looking back at twenty-five years of the work carried out by People in Need. Years ago, we attempted to convince society that freedom brings also responsibility – and we have succeeded. Thanks to the support and trust we have at home, in the Czech Republic, we have built what is today an international organisation that is active around the world. We are made up of almost two thousand people from dozens of countries. The funding we receive from the Czech and other governments, tens of thousands of private contributors, and hundreds of corporate partners enables us to have an impact where it is needed.

We would like to thank you all for your support.

With best wishes,

Šimon Pánek

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