Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Ladies and gentlemen and dear friends,

People in Need is known primarily for its work in the world’s crisis regions, in places and areas hit by war or major disasters. Humanitarian operations in Syria, Iraq and eastern Ukraine have been the focal point of our work, concentrating primarily on internally displaced persons, particularly endangered groups of inhabitants and children who live in conflict zones. We aim to have a presence as deep as possible into the field. In Mosul, along the line of contact in Donbass or in the areas of Raqqa and Aleppo.

We are also carrying out long-term work in a range of developing countries, providing people with assistance and support to give them a chance at a better life. As well as their knowledge and skills, we also help to strengthen their confidence. We understand the importance of human freedom, so we also go where the ruling elites oppress human rights, suffocate the natural activities of a civil society and ban other opinions, discussions or just inappropriate questions. We support civil societies in their natural efforts to have a voice in public affairs.

We work at home in the Czech Republic. We run Social Integration Programmes which have been active in dozens of towns for almost two decades, helping thousands of clients every year. These are mostly people and families who have found themselves on the fringe of society. We build educational programmes which are used by thousands of schools and which offer modern techniques, methods and content for working with complex topics to make them accessible and interesting to today’s online generation of children and students. As well as offering aid, education and information, we also seek out the roots of problems using a wealth of experience accumulated directly from work. We believe that it is the duty of a developed society to help those in need, and to promote solidarity, understanding and mutual assistance.

The world is in a poor state. The volatility of international politics, the rise in pragmatism and, in its own way, the crisis of humanistic values together with the situation in the Middle East, the pressure of climate change, growing confidence among authoritarians and a range of other negative factors do nothing to increase readiness to deal with major crises, long-term poverty or growing inequality. Perhaps this makes our work all the more necessary today. Please spare us a moment of your time and join us.

Thank you all for caring.

Yours respectfully,

Šimon Pánek

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