Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Ladies and gentlemen and dear friends,

Thank you all for sparing a moment of your time to read this report about our work. We are a public service whose legitimacy is based on the values and work of the hundreds of people who form the organisation People in Need (PIN), and on the objective needs at home and abroad.

The world is more volatile now than it has been in decades. The tendency to believe populists and the fear of what the future might bring affects more people more deeply than we could have ever imagined. These phenomena often lead to the perception that we should care about ourselves first – that near is my shirt but nearer is my skin. But when if not now should we put our trust in the values of humanism, in the belief that social perception and action, defence of human rights and freedoms, solidarity and the act of giving someone a helping hand constitute the most significant progress of a free society? In the fairy tales that our parents used to read to us, heroes are those who share, who help, who think of more than just themselves. It would be a mistake to leave our fairy tales behind…

Our values – openness and critical feedback, human rights, freedoms and dignity – are what help us to stand our ground. That those in need of help and support should get it, that selfishness and egoism only bring more tension, that sharing is not only the right thing to do but it is enriching, too.

We are therefore trying hard to tackle some of the most difficult issues in the Czech Republic, such as social exclusion, over-indebtedness of families, unequal education, the spread of disinformation, negative mobilisation, egoism, and cynicism. We continue in our work across the world in many of the largest and most serious crises as well as in long-term development work. We also support active people who are not willing to accept dictatorial and authoritarian regimes and who believe that states, governments, and systems exist to serve their citizens, not vice versa. We could never do this without your support and trust.

Than you

Šimon Pánek

Director of People in Need

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