Annual Reports

Dear friends,

Please give us a moment of your time to read our annual report. We are trying to present information about everything that we do, some of it in a new way, as well as our values and areas of expertise. We will show you how and why we make decisions, the way in which we structure our work, who the recipients are of our help and support, as well as the partners with whom we cooperate.

Last year was extremely challenging in many ways. The conflicts in the Middle East continued, the security situation in other crisis zones deteriorated, authoritarian tendencies were stronger and so was a taste for taking harsher actions against people, who dare to ask questions that aren’t allowed by the ones in power or dare to criticize them. The number of refugees and so-called internally displaced persons has grown and the uncertainty of how to continue (global) cooperation has only increased. The situation has worsened horribly in places of armed conflict, where it is no longer about the lives of civilians, but mainly about the interests of those in power. The power of populists, who are using cynical pragmatism to undermine humanistic values based on solidarity, human rights, openness, equality and fairness, has also been growing. These are the values on which our work is based and which you will fi nd throughout this report.

It is hardly an exaggeration to say that the conflict of values is deepening and is increasingly aff ecting the state of aff airs around the world. This has made it all the more important to explain, repeat and fi ght for the values we believe in clearly, patiently, fi rmly, and with humility to those with whom and for whom we work and with self-confi dence towards those who make decisions, towards political elites, towards the public. These are the values of civil society, freedom, human rights, democracy, and humanism. I am sure that the quality of what we do, the real impact, the partnership and sustainability are strong arguments that will stand up even during the conflict with populism.

I would like to thank you all for your support. But let me, fi rst of all, turn with respect and thanks to the volunteers and colleagues in People in Need at home and abroad, they often do not have it easy and their work is admirable. I would also like to thank our individual and corporate donors, our partners and governmental or intergovernmental institutional donors! In this report, you will fi nd how we handle your trust and support, as well as your funds, to which you have entrusted us.

Than you

Šimon Pánek

Chief Executive Officer of People in Need

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