Area Systems Director for North-East Syria

Starting date:         app. July - August, 2020
Contract duration:  12 months
Country Program:   Syrian Response
Base:                      Derik and potential travel around NE Syria
Line Manager:        Area Director, Northeast Syria

About the mission:

PIN has been working in Northern Syria since 2012, providing emergency relief and early recovery support to conflict-affected communities and IDPs. PIN’s contribution to the overall Syria humanitarian response is amongst the largest, with an annual turnover of over $35 million, of which around 40% is in North East Syria. The major donors are: ECHO, OFDA, FFP, SDC and DFID. The program in NE Syria currently has 4 operational offices in Derik, Kobani, Manbij and Raqqa City with around 180 staff.
It is intended that the position will be based in Derek, NE Syria however with the current Covid-19 crisis initially the position may be based in the candidates own country until travel can be arranged to the region. 

General position summary: 

Under the supervision of the Area Director, the Area Systems Director will supervise and provide leadership to the systems support team for the North East Syria program. The Area Systems Director is responsible for ensuring high quality support to a wide range of programing across emergency to early recovery contexts. The Area Systems Director reports to the Area Director for North East Syria and is part of the Senior Management Team in NES. He/she has delegated management responsibility for Human Resources, Finance and Logistics and Procurement ensuring programs are fully supported and compliant.  The NES Systems Director is supported technically by the Regional Head of Systems and Operations based in Erbil.  

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

•    Line manage, direct and support NES Finance, HR and logistics and procurement Managers.
•    Ensure Systems support programs ensuring effective, efficient and timely responses to needs in NES.
•    Ensure that recommendations for improvements (e.g. from audits) are implemented in a timely manner;
•    Ensure that key support policies are continuously updated as required and appropriate to the context;
•    Ensure NES compliance check-list is regularly updated and monitor the progress on the action points;
•    Ensure procedures and regulations are transparent and in accordance with donors’ and PIN’s rules;
•    Oversee the budgets of support departments, improve needs planning and coordination, and contribute to planning needs for new projects with regard to support departments;
•    Ensure standardization of processes/procedures across finance, HR and logistics departments;
•    Oversee the NES hub economy with the Finance Manager and Syria Mission Financial team including identification of gaps, financial and procedural risks, and provision of appropriate solutions;
•    Oversee the HR department with the Area Director ensuring the implementation of relevant national and international staff policies including training for new staff, managing leaves, allowances and evaluations;
•    Ensure adequate staffing of all supervised departments to achieve efficient delivery of the program;
•    Provide technical support and guidance to Logisticians to ensure effective operations and coordination between the office management, fleet management, procurement, stock and assets management;
•    Provide technical support and guidance to the finance team to ensure effective operations of and coordination between budgeting, drawing, and accounting;
•    Ensure effective communication between support (finance, HR, log) and program departments;
•    Ensure compliance with local legislation, rules and regulations in terms of visas, tax, and labour law.

Suitable candidate for this position should:

•    Significant previous experience with managing systems, logistics, administration and HR
•    Experience with finance management of international donors
•    Experience with team management and supervision and interest in building capacity of local staff
•    Experience of working within a humanitarian and/or development organization, including in developing and delivering systems which are compliant to EuropeAID, DFID, USAID and/or UN procedures.
•    Excellent communication skills, including fluent spoken and written English
•    Strong coordination, organizational, critical analysis and problem solving skills
•    Experience of working in complex and volatile contexts
•    Working experience with an accounting and economic software
•    Previous working experience from Middle East, particularly the Syrian crisis is advantage;

Living Conditions / Environmental Conditions:

  • The current context is particularly uncertain due to the Covid-19 epidemic and may mean the successful candidate may need to start from a home base. 
  • Once the global situation with Covid-19 has been resolved the preferred base for the position will be in Derik, NE Syria but this will depend on the security situation in NES with Erbil an alternative option. This position is an unaccompanied position. A new office in Derik has been recently opened with a small contingent of international staff providing links to national staff in the other offices in NE Syria. The town is perceived as less conservative, offering opportunities for social life outside the work hours. 
  • Erbil accommodation is in a PIN Guesthouse with individual guestrooms and shared bathroom, living room and kitchen. Individual rooms are also available in Derik in the office/guesthouse. All sites have internet. 
  • General security situation in Erbil is generally good and there is potential for a good social life with many restaurants, bars and gyms and a large expat community. Derik is a small town with a few restaurants. There are a number of NGOs with their international staff based in Derik. It is close to the Iraq border. Outside Derik, Hasakeh Governorate is considered one of the more stable areas however, the recent incursion by Turkey has made the area less stable and the security situation is under constant review. Mobile phones and cellular service are widely available. Internet is available in all PIN’s offices and guesthouses. There are a number of health services available with medevac mechanism for INGO’s members. There is reasonable access to most of the consumer goods.  
  • Team members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and respect local laws, customs and PIN's policies, procedures, and values at all times and in all in-country venues.

People in Need offers:

•    Salary as per PIN salary scale (per diems included): 3.300 – 3.500 EUR, depending on the seniority grade;
•    Opportunities for learning, trainings and capacity development;
•    Housing in PIN guesthouse covered by PIN; 
•    25 days of paid leave annually;
•    Reimbursement of travel expenses with travel to the country of residence once per every 6 months of completed work, plus R&R benefits according to PIN's policy;  
•    Reimbursement of costs of visas and vaccinations; assistance with visa application procedure;
•    Free medical helpdesk and psychological consultation available on line;
•    Travel health insurance.

How to apply:

Are you interested in this position? Send us your CV and short cover letter via this link. Please note only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Interviews will be conducted on rolling basis and the vacancy will be closed when filled.
People in Need staff are expected to perform job duties and responsibilities in accordance with People in Need Code of conduct and key policies (available at: