Junior Systems and Operations / Logistician EU Aid Volunteer in Myanmar

People in Need’s programs in Myanmar focus on child and women protection, civil society, social cohesion and emergency response. PIN operates in different states and regions across the country (Mon, Kayin, Bago, Mandalay, Shan, Kachin and Rakhine) with head office in Yangon. 

People in Need, is a Czech non-governmental organization (NGO) that has been providing aid in conflict-affected regions and supporting respect for human rights since 1992. Since then, People in Need has grown into one of the largest NGOs in Central Europe. Today, its work focuses on relief and development aid, advocacy for human rights and democratic freedom, social work, and education, awareness and information.


Operational and security context:

Southeast Myanmar (Southern Shan State, Kayin State and Mon State)

Conflict-affected region with possible eruption of armed clashes and intercommunal

violence. In the coming years, the Southeast will most likely experience a significant wave

of return of refugees from Thailand, and IDPs may reintegrate their community of origin.

Kayin State is still confronted to the issue of dual administration; Shan State is vulnerable

to human trafficking and drug issues; the region as a whole is prone to natural disasters,

land evictions and mass economic migration to Thailand with mixed consequences on



Central and Upper Myanmar (Mandalay and Sagaing Regions)

The large majority of the population in Mandalay and Sagaing Regions are Buddhist Bamars, but there are also significant Muslim communities in Mandalay and smaller cities. This region is the heartland of Buddhist nationalism and prone to intercommunal violence. Sagaing especially is extremely vulnerable to natural disasters.


Rakhine State (Central and Northern Rakhine)

Tense environment with internal displacement and inter-community segregation. Rakhine is also one of the most—if not the most—vulnerable regions to natural disasters, and one of the poorest regions of Myanmar, together with Chin State in the north.



The position is to support logistics, IT, HR and administration processes at the country level as well as provide corresponding capacity building of national staff in these areas.


  • Understands the whole array of tasks covered by PIN Country Programme Logistics/IT department, their required periodicity and results and within those s/he understands priorities
  • Plans tasks of the Logistics/IT department so tasks are addressed efficiently and according real priorities
  • Suggests suitable system set up or suggests modification of existing systems/procedures/templates for dealing with recurring logistics, communication and office management tasks efficiently
  • Backstops office management/maintenance
  • Supports procurement procedures to be carried out transparently
  • Follows procurement procedures as set by PIN Procurement Guidelines that fosters cooperation between programs teams and Logistics
  • Organizes inventory of assets
  • Optionally participates in the maintenance of the IT infrastructure, including monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks, and setting up users


  • Supports organizing the induction of new staff and leads induction on operational topics
  • Provides guidance to international staff / short-term consultants / HQ visitors on travel requirements and country specifics
  • Supports visa processes

Administration and other

  • Backstops reporting to public authorities in Myanmar and MoU/registration, travel authorization processes
  • Supports communication and visibility efforts of the country program
  • Depending on priorities, supports finance functions if necessary


Required competences:

Transversal competences

  • Organized and systematic person
  • Ability to work in meticulous, accurate, methodical way
  • Responsible, independent, motivated
  • Working with others, team player
  • Self-awareness and resilience
  • Common sense and patience
  • Open to new things, willing to learn, develop
  • Pro-actively requesting and searching for information necessary for given tasks performance
  • Pro-actively identifying and addressing problems needing attention in field s specified above

Specific competences

  • Operating safely and securely at all times
  • Understanding the humanitarian context of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative and applying humanitarian principles

Technical competences

  • Previous experience in logistics/administration/IT preferably with non-governmental organizations.
  • Excellent communication skills - verbal and written including fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Ability to organize and plan effectively, recognize priorities.
  • Proven analytical skills.
  • Capacity to make complex technical information accessible and usable by non-specialists.
  • Performing all duties appropriately for a multi-cultural environment, treating all persons with dignity and respect


Tailor-made apprenticeship will be hold in Prague in April 2019.

Eligibility and exception criteria:

The candidate for EU Aid Volunteers must be a citizen of the EU or a third country national who is a long-term resident in an EU Member State, and must have a minimum age of 18 years.

Myanmar is a multi-ethnic (more than 135 ethnic groups) and multi-religious (Christians, Muslims, Hindus) country. More than 87 % of the country’s population is practicing Buddhism. Religion is vividly present in daily life, art, architecture and society; this is reflected on the many Buddhist temples and pagodas all over the country.

The official language is Burmese, but each minority in the country has its own language. Many Myanmar people are happy to practice their English speaking skills with foreigners and usually show patience when communication is difficult. Learning basic Burmese will be very helpful for getting around, it is also perceived as a sign of respect and interest towards local culture. Myanmar people certainly appreciates the effort.

Please bear in mind that during the rainy season (usually May to September), there can be cyclones, floods and hail storms. All PIN areas of intervention are vulnerable to natural disasters, but Rakhine or Sagaing are particularly affected. While the rainy season can be a welcome reprieve from the heat, it can also wear on people for a number of reasons. The rain in Myanmar does not come at a specific time and as such cannot be scheduled around. Another issue is that the increase in humidity can cause a growth of white mould on many of your items, including clothing.


Minimum requirements:

  • Bachelor/Masters level degree in Business administration and/or Accounting/Finance/Logistics or equivalent studies that include financial and administrative topics.
  • Field experience in development in different countries, preferably with non-governmental organizations;
  • Excellent command of Excel and full Microsoft Office package
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Excellent spoken and written English,
  • Adaptability, self-awareness and inter-personal skills to adapt to different working styles and cultural contexts
  • Ability to work collaboratively and train others
  • Intercultural awareness and respectful attitude towards other customs and traditions
  • Motivation for promoting local and social development.

Deployment dates:

April, 2019 – March, 2020

Learning opportunities:

A structured learning and development plan will be developed for each EU Aid Volunteer. This will include self-assessment, structured learning and development plan reviews, on-line learning, peer-to-peer support, a two-week EC training, followed by PIN induction training. EU Aid Volunteers will also have an assigned Mentor for the entirety of their volunteer placement with PIN.

EU Aid Volunteer reports directly to Head of Systems and Operations (HoSO), who is her/his line manager and supervises mainly staff dealing with logistics, administration, IT and financial staff dealing with Myanmar entities awarded financial grants from PIN. Direct and day to day cooperation with her/his HoSO, experienced professional,as well as with logisticians, HR and finance staff provides a unique opportunity to learn about the processes, systems and operations in a humanitarian mission.


Working and living conditions:

Contract: EU Aid Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer Allowance:

In line with EU Aid Volunteer subsistence allowances:

Whilst in Myanmar €414,50 per month

Whilst in the Czech Republic €401,64 per month


Accommodation when deployed in Myanmar will be provided by PIN.

At the end of volunteer placement an allowance of €100/per each month deployed will be provided as a resettlement allowance.


A return flight will be provided to Yangon from the EU Aid Volunteers home country or from the Czech Republic upon apprenticeship completion.

The cost of pre-departure preparations; insurance, medical clearance and vaccinations will be provided.

Line Management and Mentoring:

Line Manager whilst deployed – Head of Systems and Operations

Mentor – Mentor based in Prague assigned for the entirety of the volunteer placement with PIN.



Closing date:

February, 2019

Shortlisting and interviews:

Shortlisting and interviews will be conducted in February, 2019

Interview process:

Pre-selected candidates will be contacted and requested to record a video-questionnaire. If successful, two rounds of interviews will be carried out (by Sending and Hosting organisations).

Expected date on decision of outcome:

February, 2019

Expected Timetable:

Date of training: March 2019

Apprenticeship placement dates (leave blank if not foreseen): April 2019

Pre-deployment preparation and induction: April 2019

Deployment: repeat dates given above: May 2019 – April 2020

Post-deployment activities: May – August 2020

How to apply:

Please send us your CV in EuroPass format and Self assessment form till February 22nd, 2019 by clicking on following link. The EuroPass CV template, as well as the Self-assessment form, can be found here.

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