New Report: Building a Stronger Civil Society in Moldova and the South Caucasus

Authors: Tomas Komm, Anna Zamejc, Elena Terzi Contributors: Ala Ionescu, Michal Zelba, Nana Peradze, Tinatin Japaridze, Anahit Yernjakyan Year: 2021 Published by: People in Need

How can institutional and private donors help build a more resilient civil society sector? How can civil society organizations be more effective and connected to the local communities?  
Those questions were at the center of People in Need’s (PIN) new study: Under the Spotlight: a Close Look into the Emerging and Established Civil Society Actors in Moldova and the South Caucasus.   
Based on nearly 100 interviews with local activists, desk research and PIN’s extensive experience in the field, the 50-page report examines the condition of the third sector in Armenia, Georgia, and Moldova amidst the global pandemic, discussing its priorities and lessons learnt, and providing a set of recommendations for donors and CSOs alike.  
The study also highlights the role and impact of emerging actors: issue-based, unregistered grassroots initiatives focused on solving specific problems, and considers how donors and established CSOs can effectively work with such groups.   
The report was produced within the scope of the European Union (EU)- funded project “Civil Society Actors as Drivers of Change in the South Caucasus and Moldova”.