People Between the Lines - A Handbook on Migration for (Future) Journalists

Tereza Freidingerová, Peter Ivanič and Adéla Jurečková

People Between the Lines – A Handbook on Migration for (Future) Journalists focuses on developing a critical approach in handling topics connected to migration, migrants, and the coexistence of majorities and the so-called new minorities in media. It offers a fresh perspective on the traditional journalistic concepts of agenda setting, discourse, framing, gatekeeping, and ethics, putting them in the context of migration, with special focus on the specific situations in the EU and in Czechia, Estonia and Slovakia. The handbook sets the basic terminology connected to migration and presents the major findings of migration studies, all in context of journalistic practice. Building on the E-R-R method (Evocation – Realization of Meaning – Reflection), it guides the readers to understand their own positions and limitations in their work as journalists. It also offers practical tips for conducting interviews and working with sources. The handbook is primarily aimed at students of journalism and junior journalists, but it could serve as valuable inspiration even for experienced journalists.